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If we fly less than the mentioned 200-300 hours a year, chartering or renting an aircraft is the optimal solution between a flexible form of flying and cost reduction. In the case of rental, we only pay for flight tickets or plane rental. Then we don’t care about the costs of maintaining the crew and the machine like private jet booking. Private jet booking and rental companies take care of all the paperwork, permits, logistics and hiring of specialists.

How much does a plane charter cost and is it worth renting a plane like private jet booking?
Aircraft charter can be associated with exclusive flights reserved only for wealthy businessmen. Is it really so? It turns out that this myth cannot be so easily dispelled.
There are many companies that allow a private person to charter a plane. However, the price of such an undertaking is terrifying, although it should be noted that it depends on many factors: the length of the route, the number of passengers, the place of departure and arrival, as well as the rented plane.

Is it worth going on a trip using charter planes? The price od private jet booking for such a service starts from at least EUR 3,000, and in the case of a short journey (e.g. Warsaw – Frankfurt). The more passengers, the lower the price per passenger. Chartering a plane is worth considering when, above all, we care about time and finding ourselves in the right place. This also applies to the place of departure – we choose where we fly from, so we focus on convenience. Unfortunately, plane charter is currently an option only for wealthy passengers.

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