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Oversized transport and other International Transport Services UK is classified as special transport and is regulated by law. In addition, you need to have the appropriate permits for it, and to obtain it it is necessary to submit an appropriate application. The rules of oversized transport are included, among others, in the road traffic law. This Act provides for 7 types of permits, depending on individual exceedances of the standards. Individual permits are issued by the competent road manager, staroste, head of the Customs Office or GDDKiA. The permit is obtained by the entity performing oversize transport and it contains information such as: date and duration of the transport, exact route, parameters of the vehicle carrying out the transport, criteria for adapting the road infrastructure and the method of piloting, if it is required in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Transport, Construction and International Transport Services in the UK on piloting non-standard vehicles.

If International Transport Services UK company oversized transport is to run through other countries, it should be remembered that each of them has separate regulations governing this scope and it is necessary to obtain a separate permit from each of them. What loads are included in oversized transport We have already mentioned that oversized loads are those that exceed the permissible standards, primarily standard dimensions and weight. In fact, oversized transport includes such loads as: structural elements, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, tanks, energy industry elements, warehouses and halls, industrial equipment and production lines, bridge or tower modules and others. The only limitation here may be the inability to determine the route and the lack of an appropriate fleet of the carrier in International Transport Services UK company.

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